Speaking through pictures

Key Features

  • Easy to learn and understand using visual picture symbol images
  • Use “drag & drop” to create a single word or multi -word phrase or sentence
  • Includes over 2,000 picture images from the Pics for PECS™ 2009 CD-ROM
  • Supports independence of communication and expressive language
  • Compatible with other leading picture image symbol sets
  • Easy and simple to set-up and personalise by parents, carers, teachers or anyone
  • Speaks using highly-realistic, computer-synthesised, human male or female voices
  • Multi -lingual support with an extensive range of over 20 other spoken languages
  • Selection of semi/fully rugged hardware models: Portable, Convertible, Rugged
  • Microsoft ™ Windows™ XP™/Vista™ compatible and accessible with a standard mouse or touchscreen

Images from the Pics for PECS™ CD are copyrighted by and used under license from Pyramid Educational Consultants Inc. Although the pictures used in speaks4me® are used under license from Pyramid Educational Consultants Inc, this device is not approved or endorsed by Pyramid Educational Consultants Inc. To learn more about the protocol of the Picture Exchange Communication System and information about Pyramid Educational Consultants, please visit their website at www.pecs.com.

Speaks4Me - Speaking Through Pictures

Watch the drop test demo for yourself.