Speaking through pictures


What is speaks4me®

Speaks4me® is an electronic speech communication application device that has been designed to support the needs of students familiar with the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS™) system but who now require a more dynamic, expandable and digital speech enabled device. The Speaks4me® user interface can be fully customised so that single individual images or category tabs are displayed or fully expanded to show multiple or all images and category tabs

What is included with speaks4me®

There are a range of speaks4me® product options:

  • Standalone: The Speaks4me® application that can be installed, activated and configured to run on any standard Microsoft™ Windows™ enabled PC (desktop or portable).
  • Semi-rugged: The Speaks4me® application is installed, configured and tested onto the latest, semi-rugged, classroom orientated convertible touch-screen laptop.
  • Fully-rugged: The Speaks4me® application is installed, configured and tested onto a fully-rugged, convertible touch-screen laptop.

How to use speaks4me®

Speaks4me® works similar to a standard Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS™) book, but instead of physically removing the requested image symbols and “exchanging” the “sentence strip” as a physical communication exchange, Speaks4me® lets the user “drag & drop” the requested symbols or personalised graphic/photo images on the computer screen onto a “virtual” sentence strip. Once the phrase or sentence is complete the “exchange” is made by the student taking the Speaks4me® device and seeking the recipient, appropriately engaging their attention, then pressing the on-screen “Speak” button in the acknowledged presence of the engaged recipient.

How does speaks4me® work

  • Speaks4me® is a sophisticated communication application that is fully and easily configurable through an administrator control panel.
  • The user-interface is simple and familiar as it is based on the well established Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS ™).
  • It is highly recommended that Speaks4me® operates on a portable laptop (or similar device) to facilitate the effective exchanging of expressive communication requests.

Images from the Pics for PECS™ CD are copyrighted by and used under license from Pyramid Educational Consultants Inc. Although the pictures used in speaks4me® are used under license from Pyramid Educational Consultants Inc, this device is not approved or endorsed by Pyramid Educational Consultants Inc. To learn more about the protocol of the Picture Exchange Communication System and information about Pyramid Educational Consultants, please visit their website at www.pecs.com.